Green revolution

We are not reinventing the wheel. One of most important parts of our work is to use hardware that we know and we have tested. As we have experience across different sector of e-mobility we know that budget required for high voltage hardware is much higher, than possible volumes that can be sold. In the same time, even products that are on the market, and are in mass production, do not guarantee successful implementation. We are a company that is doing integration of system.

Most common type of hardware, where many people see business opportunities, are batteries. This is single most expensive part of hardware that is always needed in the system. Although not everyone is aware of  full range of safety aspect that are needed to be met, and exceeded, to be sure that system works properly. We area aware of fact that development of safe and reliable battery starts at few hundreds of thousands euros, and it all starts with cell suppliers. Low volume producers of battery packs has access to either expensive cells, or to poor quality ones. Both options are either expensive, or requires additional safety attention.

Modern electric propulsion systems requires automatization and development of advanced algorithms to handle operation in a safe and reliable way. We believe that pleasure boat operation should be easy, and skipper should use electric propulsion in as easy way as old fashioned diesel. Our team has experience in automotive transformation for electric propulsion, and we use it in marine. Although we are fully aware of differences. Modern electric car that drives @ 100km/h requires ~25-30kW of power, when travelling at 130 km/h it grows to 55kW. Top speed (250km/h) is reached with 390kW. In marine we are facing fact that difference between top speed and cruising speed might be significantly smaller. In general in marine motors works on higher continuous powers, and it has direct consequences on system – and especially on thermal management which is safety critical. All limitations of physics are known and handled by our system.   

Our aim is to deliver top class solutions in modern changing World, that is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and aware of humans negative climate impact. We know that future is electric, and there is and will be more and more needs for high power solutions. We are part of revolution that is taking place now, and will be progressing in nearest future. We are facing this challenges already and happy to help others change marine industry in a positive way. Sustainability can not happen without electrification. Electrification can not happen without real innovation. And all of it can not happen without us.

AMPROS - Silent Straits Ltd. electric propulsion division, Continental office: Ul. Wróbla 6, 02-736 Warsaw, Poland

Advanced Electric Propulsion & Yachts